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Gold Buddhist Bracelet


An easy bangle to wear day and night, this bracelet has its origin in Asian temples. Buddhist monks offer blessings to their bangles as the idea of a golden ring, or bracelet, symbolizes endless love and unity. Given the meaning and beauty behind this bracelet, it is also the perfect gift to loved ones and friends. 


Materials: Plastic tube filled with gold leaf
Details: Available in 3 sizes and in a Thick or Thin style

Sold as one individual bangle by size and style

Small: 18cm round
Medium: 19cm round
Large: 20cm round

Thin: 3mm
Thick: 5mm

The flexibility of this bangle allows you to choose a smaller size than you're used to, if you'd like. Just add a few cm to the size of your wrist for the perfect fit. You can also put them in a cup of hot water to make them more flexible.

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